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Labrador for Sale in Moyock, NC

A Dedicated Labrador Retriever Breeder in Moyock, NC

A good companion isn’t hard to find at OBX Chocolate Heaven Labradors. We breed AKC certified Labradors to serve as trusted friends and reliable assistants for local Labrador Retriever lovers. Our experienced breeding and training staff deliver all the beauty this celebrated breed is known for with the temperament and versatility you expect from a prodigious bloodline.

Our owner’s love for Labrador Retrievers started with Jake, a 6-month old Labrador. After a long and loving life, Jake passed away, but left a dream of loving other Labradors that began an incredible journey toward becoming a leading Labrador Retriever breeder in Moyock, NC.

Since then, we’ve been breeding new generations for others to love and working to fulfill our quality commitment to both our customers and our dogs. We carefully cultivate the lineages of incredible ancestors like Duke of Patton, who was a Grand Master Hunter.

Rely on us when you want puppies with: 
Timeless Beauty, A Clean Bill of Health, Dependable Trainability, Friendly Temperament

Home of Uniquely Bred Labradors

Where some major breeders prefer to maximize selection, we focus on a specialty that allows us to deliver impeccable pedigree and expert breed knowledge. We concentrate on chocolate Labradors for their appearance, versatility, and connection to the passion at the heart of our business. Jake, our owner’s first dog, was this very breed.

Thanks to our wealth of experience with Labradors, we know the best ways to keep them healthy and enhance their value with tailored care programs. Through our specialized breeding program, you get puppies with unparalleled potential and a legacy of greatness.

Our Labrador puppies come with a 2-year health guarantee and get dewormed at 2, 3, 4, and 6 weeks old. We focus on health to promote value for our customers and long, healthy lives for our dogs. When you adopt a Labrador through us, you can always be confident that your new companion is as healthy as possible.

Our Training Creates Good Working Citizens

As a part of our breeding program, we offer versatile training to make our dogs as practically integral as they are emotionally supportive. This is another area where our experience with Labradors gives us an advantage over other programs; we understand the training methods our dogs respond to best.

Our puppies are a perfect fit for:
Guide & Assistance Programs, Narcotics Detection, Search & Rescue, Field Trial, Hunting, Show, and Therapy or Service Dogs.

Combining a dog with an AKC champion bloodline with our extensive training regimens creates a companion with the skills and temperament to elevate any experience the two of you share. From comforting owners in recovery from a traumatic event to retrieving game on a hunting trip, our dogs make excellent assistants for any situation.


Professional Stud Services

We built our business on a deep love of Labradors. If that passion is something you share, you may find yourself interested in breeding, too. Even if you don’t want to breed professionally, you may want to start a new generation of puppies for your family to love and enjoy as an alternative to finding a Labrador for sale.

When you want to give your litter a great start, we can help with that, too. Our stud service gives you access to the flawless lineage that define our outstanding Labrador family. We help you enhance the pedigree of your puppies without the need to keep an adult breeding pair.

Because we care deeply about our dogs, any female you wish to breed must have an up-to-date and negative Brucellosis test before we can go through with the stud process. Provided that this is the case, we utilize our expertise as a leading dog breeder in the area to help you get a new litter of beautiful Labrador puppies.
     After 8 years of limited partnership with BENTWOOD LABRADORS, and successful breeding of thorough-bred chocolate Labrador retrievers, we will now merge to become one full partnership. We want to assure our customers,  all sales agreements and guarantees will continue to be honored in the case of the passing or retirement of either partner - Jessie Crisp, owner Bentwood Labrador, and Tim Warren, owner OBX Chocolate Heaven Labradors. OBX Chocolate Heaven Labradors will continue to specialize in chocolates, and Bentwood Labradors will have each yellow, black, and chocolate Labrador for sale.
     To avoid confusion as much as possible, in the future the operations will continue to operate under their own names-Bentwood Labradors and OBX Chocolate Heaven Labradors.
     Kennels-Training grounds-and main office located at 146 Robert Walker Rd., Moyock, N.C. 27958.  


Pups schmoozing with one another.

Labrador Puppies for Sale in Moyock, NC
Another example of our products.

We are located in Moyock, NC, 8 miles north of the Outer Banks, NC. We are also located 45 minutes south of the Tidewater, VA, area, and 45 minutes from Elizabeth City, NC. My trained Labrador retrievers (Ana, Bear, Brandy,  Carolina, Duke, Eva, Mia, Midnight, Mya and Sunshine) enjoy the best of two worlds - Quiet country living in Currituck County, and daily sunrise beach runs on the beautiful beaches of the Outer Banks! aka OBX


As a Labrador dog breeder, my goal is to produce a sound labrador retriever that has the beauty which defines the Labrador retriever while capturing the temperament and trainability that makes the chocolate Labrador a versatile breed. It is important to me that my Labrador puppies for sale are good working citizens (guide and assistance programs, narcotics detectors, search and rescue, hunting, field trial, show, etc.) as well as great pets and companions.


Chocolate labs have been a part of my life since 1984 when a friend asked me if I would accept responsibility for a 6-month-old chocolate Labrador whose owner was moving. It was love at first sight for both of us.  Jake and I were best friends and beach running partners for 14 years. In 1998 when he passed away, I was devastated and swore I would never own another dog. In the fall of 2002, Jake came to me in a dream and asked me what I had against chocolate labs and why I didn't have another dog. The next day I drove to Norfolk, VA, and fell in love with Bear. Three months later I drove to Virginia Beach, VA, and fell in love with Ana. And as they say, the rest is history!! Midnight was born in Ana and Bear's first litter on Dec. 3, 2003. Carolina, along with Luke, was born in Ana and Bear's second litter on June 15, 2004. Duke was purchased on January 15, 2005. Duke's great-grandfather, Duke of Patton, was a Grand Master Hunter. Brandy and Sunshine were purchased in July 2006-between their father and mother there are 48 titled dogs in their bloodline. Mia, the younger sister of Brandy and Sunshine, was purchased in January 2007. Mya, whose great-grandfather is a national field champion, is the daughter of Brandy and Max. Between her mother and father's bloodlines, there are 100 titled dogs. Jake, I owe all the happiness as a dog breeder that is in my life now to you. Thank you and one day we will all be together once again.

If you have any questions or would like to purchase a chocolate lab puppy or acquire chocolate labrador stud service please contact us at obxchocolateheaven@msn.com or 252-619-1921.  

 OBX Chocolate Heaven Labradors
Tim Warren

This site is dedicated in loving memory to Jake, Jake Jr.-JJ, Carolina, Ana, and Bear.

Jake Jr. and Jake. 

Chocolate Labrador Dogs in Moyock, NC

We have lost our beloved Carolina at a much to young age-we love you and miss you sweetheart-Rest In Peace. One day once again we will all be together again.

Carolina with her and Duke's son Barney at our home in Jarvisburg.


We have lost our beloved matriarch, Ana, to that dreadful disease cancer. We love you and miss you sweetheart. Rest in Peace. One day we all will be together once again.


We have lost our beloved patriarch, Bear. We owe all that we are to you and Ana my friend. We love you and miss you-Rest In Peace. Now you can be united once again with your beloved Ana and one day we all will be together again.


Ana and Bear's 4th litter


Midnight and Duke's pup


Midnight and Duke's 1st litter


Mia socializing with pups

Our Dog Breeder Family in Moyock, NC

Litter of pups socializing with the adult dogs


Duke socializing with his and Carolina's pups.