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Jake and Bella-Caroline and Mike Walston, Moncks Corner, S.C.-Jake and Bella are doing great!

Bella and Jake-Thought we would update you on Jake and Bella. Jake says don't forget to eat your greens and Bella likes to play in the garden. Bella is my demon child. She is smart as a whip. We gave your name to a gentleman at the dog park-he stated Jake is the most beautiful lab he has ever seen.


Bella and Jake-Matthew a friend of ours is adopting one of your pups-he really likes Bella.






Jake and Bella-Bella adores Jake.


Deuce-Barry Carpenter-Louisburg, N.C.-Thanks, so much for a wonderful dog. Regards, Barry.


Deuce-Peggy and Buddy's son. Born Dec. 2014.


Jazz-The Hubble Family,Fayetteville,N.C.-We just wanted to give you an update on Jazz. He is doing fantastic,he is almost 4 months old now and he weighed 34 lbs. his last check up,vet said he is very healthy and doing well. Jazz is a perfect fit with our family,he was potty trained in about 2 weeks and is SO smart. We have enrolled him in puppy classes and he is learning everything very quickly. He has  made a new best friend with the yellow lab next door,they play together and we go on our evening walks together. Thank you so much for raising such a wonderful dog for us,we love him. We included a couple of pics for you also.

Jazz-4 months old-34 lbs.


Jazz and friend-Streching before evening walk.


Jazz-After his evening walk-"A tired dog is a good dog".



Liam-Cheryl and Dan Thompson,Jacksonville,Fla.-Just wanted to let you know we made it home. Liam did great. He was only whined the first hour or so and then he slept most of the way home. Thanks again for such a beautiful puppy!


Liam-Cheryl and Dan Thompson,Jacksonville,Fla.-Here's a few pics of Liam. He has really grown since he left N.C. He is a great companion and friend. He loves to run in the fields and swim in the pond every weekend. I took him to the vet to be weighed and he weighs 75 pounds. Liam looks just like his daddy,Duke!

Liam retreiving in the field.


Liam-a spitting image of his papa,Duke,at 6 months,12-08.


Liam-Why walk when you can ride.




Liam-Vacationing on the Fla. Keys.



Lucy-Sara Gursslin and Chris O'Connor,Pienfield,N.Y.-Just wanted to send you along a couple pics of Lucy. Lucy is doing very well,house trained 100%,crate trained and loves the water already. We go for our 3rd week of training tonight alreadt and she is a star. Everyone always stops us on our walks to meet her. She's around 30 lbs already I'm guessing,we'll find out for sure Monday,back to the vet for another round of shots. Lucy sits,stays,can give both of her paws, and is learning more and more everyday. Hope all is well down South and your enjoying your summer. Thank you again for making ours the happiest ever.

Lucy-3 Months Old-08-20-08.




Lucy and her toys.


Brody-Shelly and Lee Haywood,Hayes,Va.-We wanted to forward some pics of Brody(DOB-05-20-08). We absolutely adore him. He is growing so fast. Brody is calm and sweet and loves the boat and water.

Brody-3 Months Old-08-20-08.


Brody and his toy.


Brody-I wanted to send you some new pics of Brody. As you can imagehe is spoiled rotten.We love him dearlyHe is such a very calm,loving, and smart friend. Yesterday he was 7 months old,(Midnight and Duke's litter-5/20/2008). At his last vet appointment,he already weighs 75lbs. He is our big baby. Brody constantly puts joy in our lives. He loves to sleep on his back with all fours in the air. Again,thank you so much. I am sending some friends your way. Happy Holidays! 

Brody-7 months old,12-20-2008.


Brody,in his favorite resting position.


Lucky-Addison and Rachel Rodgers,Va.Beach,Va.-I just wanted to drop a line to let you know that Lucky has adjusted very well to her new home. She has brought myself,my son(Lucky's owner),my family, and my friends a tremendous amount of joy and laughter already. Just as it is with a new baby,I already cannot imagine our lives without her. She is waking up to the world and becoming quite adventurous. She enjoys chasing leaves,barking at herself in the mirror,and following Addison as she never takes her eyes off of him. They have truely developed the friendship I wanted Addison to experience. I cannot wait to see what the years ahead hold as my son grows with Lucky. She has done well with training. Lucky goes to the door and either barks or whimpers when she needs to go out...she is well on her way with very few accidents since she arrived.

Lucky and Addison-Christmas-2008.


Bear-The Blair Family-Suffolk,Va. Greetings from Suffolk! Just wanted to let you know that 'Bear' has been a great addition to our family(Ana and Duke's #4). He is sleeping through the night,figuring out how to deal with a stubborn cat,exploring the farm,and driving his 8 year old 'mommy' black lab nuts. The boys love him to pieces and he's really helped them over the sadness our losing our beloved Chesapeake, Muddy,last week. We can't wait to  see what kind of fun he has in store for us! Hope you and all your best chocolate buddies have a wonderful Christmas!

Bear-Horseplaying on the farm.


Christmas 2008.


Marley-Robert,Jennifer,and Zane Choate-Wilmington,N.C.-We wanted to send you some pictures of Marley from the past week. She is doing great and adjusting well to her new home. She loves kicking the soccer ball with Zane and she really loves playing with an old buoy rope. Zane is very pleased and happy that she loves "PIRATES". Zane is training her to become a pirate! She is doing well with accepting too much love from an adoring four year old. She loves snuggling on her blanket or in somebody's lap. She's a great dog! She saw the vet last week and weighed in at 10lbs and got a clean bill of health for her 8 week checkup.

Marley and Zane playing tug-a-war with the buoy rope.


Marley and Zane-More tug-a-war.


Libby-Andrea and Rob Peterson-Jacksonville,N.C.-I just thought I would let you know that Libby is doing very well!! She now weighs 16lbs, and is full of personality! She has adjusted well to the children, and is slowly mastering potty time outside. She knows to go to  the door for "outside" and she knows to go to her food bowls when we say "time to eat!" She is a beauty,and we are so happy to have her! I have attached a few pics for you to see how she is growing(and of course,to see how pretty she is!) Best wishes for your upcoming litter!

Libby-Definitely looks like her mother,Brandy.


Libby-Playing on the beach.




Montana Jack-Michelle and  Eric Scherer-Durham,N..C.-Well after being in his new home for only 3 hours,I believe he felt very comfortable. He slept through the night without a peep.Well except for the grunts when he steetches and he snores! He is also quick to let you know when he has to go potty,his tail curls up and he whines. He is going to be a great dog!

Montana Jack


Montana Jack


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