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Barney-Jane and Warren Salavec-Farmingdale,N.Y. and Kill Devil Hills,N.C.-Hi Tim-We made it home! Barney was just great! Everything you said about him is true! I am going to say,with some reservation,that he is about 98% house trained. He was great at our house in N.C. The trip back to N.Y.,he was a "GEM". He has gotten a lot of love and attention. Anyway,he's adjusting,we're adjusting and let's hope for the best. Barney is a beautiful pup and he is also very smart. We will keep you posted and will send pics next week.

Barney in his new home. 12 weeks old.1-22-08.


Barnaby of OBX Chocolate Heaven-12 Weeks Old-Barney is comfortable in his new home. He is smart as a whip! He is doing real well. He has his dislikes,#1-going out at night,#2-being on a leash. He is getting better with both. He knows when the leash goes on,he is being taken out to do his business,he's real good about that. I go home for lunch and take him for a run/walk,and that is going well. He is ok with the crate-he knows he only goes in it when we are going out. Barney is a beauty-all that you said he would be and much more. He has the sweetest face,you can't get mad at him. He goes to the vet Thurs., I will feel better when he gets the rest of his shots. Will keep you posted. Barney did great at the vet. Shots up to date,he has to go back in 3 weeks for more shots. The vet said,"he's a healthy pup(not that I ever doubted it) and that his lines and features are beautiful." "Got yourself a good pup." Those were the vets words! Glad you like the name.1-20-08.


Barney-2-09-08-Our "little guy" is growing in leaps and bounds! He is is doing well.  Everybody loves him! We are coming down the beginning of March. Will keep you posted.






Barney enjoying a day at the beach on the Outer Banks.


Barney and Warren-Playing on the beach.


Barney and Jane-Enjoying the beach on the Outer Banks.


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