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Cooper and Harrison-Bo and Savannah, The Phelps Family-Hope you are doing well!!! We are still loving Cooper so much everyday. He is such an excellent dog and friend!!! All happy as can be. We are in love with Bo!!!

Bo and Cooper meeting for the first time.


Cooper loves to sit on the table to see up high and be our watchdog.


Boomer-Lauren,Jane,Rodney Palmer-Chesapeake,Va.-Boomer is doing great! thank you so much for the chance to add such a loving pet to our family. Lauren and he are inseperable. he is such a great puppy! He hasn't had any accidents in the house to date,and is playing,sleeping, and eating like a champ! He has even learned to sit! He is the greatest dog. He is so intellingent and sooooo loving! Again we thank you for breeding such wonderful pets-we love him so much!

Boomer-Cooling off in his pool.


Boomer,Jane,and Lauren-Visiting us on Boomer's 1st trip to the beach.6-07



Luci Lu-Linda and John Weller-Madison,Va.-Luci Lu has settled into our home very nicely. our older lab,Mississippi Mudd and her get along wonderfully. They play together inside and out. We got our baby pool out and filled it with water and Luci is in and out of it all day long. She was responding to her name by the second day and will sit when you tell her to sit. Tim, we cannot thank you enough for such a beautiful,smart, and playful puppy. We are certainly in love with her and cannot imagine a day without her now!


Kodi-Debbie and Barry Brock,Suffolk,Va.-Kodi is such a joy! We completely adore and enjoy this little man. Last week at the vet he weighed in at 45 lbs. He is very gentle and loving. We gave his AKC name of Brocks Kodiak of Duke from OBX. We will always be grateful to you for breeding such wonderful Labs!!!!!!!!!  

Kodi-Brock Family,Suffolk,Va.


Kodi and Friend.  


Sasha-Another lab enjoying the water.


Marli-Cournty Prevatte and Duane Martin-Kill Devil Hills,N.C.-Stay-over-3-07.



Marley-Mike and Kim Seay-Portsmouth,Va-Hey Tim-just wanted to send a few pics to you. Marley is doing great-minds well(for 10 months) and is great with the kids. His health is good and he is 102 lbs as of 7-10-07. Thanks again.

Marley-A spitting image of his papa,Duke!


Marley-Retreiving his ball.



Cali and Olivia-Stephanie,Gary,and Olivia Harris,Va.Beach,Va.-Sorry we have taken so long to send an updated picture of our beautiful lab,Cali. She is now almost 5 months old and weighs 40 lbs! She is doing well! Cali is so spoiled-with various chew toys and lots of treats. We are sending pictures of her with our daughter,Olivia. Thank you again!

Olivia and Cali.


Hurley-Keri and Mike Wiley,Va.Beach,Va.-Just a quick hello and update on Hurley. At 10 weeks he weighs in at 22 lbs. and is really doing great. It took a week for he and my 5 yr old lab mix to start playing together,but they are hard at it now. He will get his first trip to Carova next week. Hope all is well with you and the OBX gang.

Hurley-Ana and Bear's son-2 Months Old.


Hurley-Kerri and Mike Wiley,Va.Beach,Va.- Happy Holidays Tim,thought we would share an update on Hurley shown here at 8 months. Hurley is loving life and everyone loves Hurley. He is becoming a great young man while still full of spit and vinegar.

Hurley-Ana and Bear's baby boy at 8 months-12-26-2008.


Grace-The Myers Family,Apex,N.C.-We are gettingsettled in and little Grace is finding her stride! She and Mosby are bonding and I would no longer call her shy! She is very loving and very smart. We are working together to learn each other. More in a few weeks as we progress. Thank you again and Grace sends her best.


Molly-Carol O'Neal and Randy Turner,Hatteras,N.C.

Molly and Friend.


Molly and bigger friend.


Molly and a bigger friend playing tug-a-war.



Molly-Carol O'Neal and Randy Turner,Hatteras,N.C.-I thought I would let you know how much we are enjoying Molly. She is growing like a weed and now weighs 32 lbs. She drives Randy crazy while I'm at work. Thanks again.

Randy and Molly.


Molly-3 Months Old-08-20-08.


Molly and Friend.


Molly in the classic "content lab" pose.


Molly-1yr old-a true retreiver!


Molly enjoying that stressful OBX lifestyle.


Hops-The Stevens Family-Kill Devil Hills,N.C.-We purchased one of your puppies in September 2008,just wanted to say that he is a wonderful boy. We have named him Hops. Just wanted to drop you a quick hello. I have attached a pic.


Kobe-The Varner Family, Va. Beach, Va.-Sorry so long for an update but I wanted to tell you Kobe is doing great. Awesome personality-calm,cool, and collective. He is about 95 lbs-solid and possibly still growing?

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