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JJ and Java-the Stone family-Fairfax Station,Va. and Carova,N.C.-As you can see the girls are still madly in love with each other. It is so much fun seeing them together and I do mean together ALL THE TIME! Java mimics everything JJ does. She is much more outgoing than  JJ and not quite as shy. She has a very,very sweet personality and is very affectionate. She is partial to John,which is great since JJ is my first "baby" and now  John has his! They are such good company for each other! Java is a good eater-she went from 11lbs at 7 weeks to 25lbs at 11 weeks. The vet thinks she is going to be a bit bigger than JJ.  Maybe we can stop by during spring break and you can see the girls.  


Nola-Ryan Ford-Winston-Salem,N.C.-I bought  a chocolate lab from you a year and a half ago. Nola dog is the best dog I have ever owned. She is beautiful and well trained. I take her with me everywhere I go and I get compliments on how pretty she is and how good she is, Whenever I visit my parents they always insist that I bring Nola so they can see her. Nola plays so well with other dogs,so I was thinking that it would be good for her to have a buddy to play with.

Nola and Ryan at the Beach



Grander-Kelly/Andy Ennis-Chapel Hill,N.C.-Just wanted to let you know that we named Brandy and Max's male pup #5 Grander! He is doing great and I have to admit that he is the best puppy I've ever had. Kelly was so excited when I brought him home!!! This puppy has the best personality and temperment...he's been easy to train and fun. I've attached some pics. By the way I have my girlfriends' parents interested in a pup and they look at your website daily!

Grander-Playing in the snow-01-09.


Grander-Kelly-Nags Head,N.C.-Heres updated pictures of Grander. He is my best friend and is always there for me! Thank you for breeding such wonderful dogs!  Thanks again for giving me an amazing best friend!

Grander-Time to Retrieve!



Ella-Ally Rosen and Matt-Morrisville,N.C.-Have a Happy New Year! Attached you will find some great pics of Ella. She is doing great.

Ella and friend-New Year's Eve 2008.



Ella-Ally Rosen and Matt-Morrisvile,N.C.-Hope you're doing well and gearing up for another round of pups. I hope everything goes well with the new litter. I've attached some recent pics of Ella at 14 weeks old. She's 16 weeks old today,and is a little bigger than in these pics,but she is growing up to be a beautiful girl. She had her last puppy visit on Friday and weighed in at an even 30lbs. The vet says she's going to be a big dog based on the size of her paws(they're huge). We take her to the dog park in Raleigh evert weekend and she is just wonderful with other dogs and children. She would almost rather play with children than other dogs whick always melts my heart. She's starting to lose her puppy teeth. I'm ready for teething to be over with. Anyway,again,good luck with the new litter!

Ella-14 weeks old.


Ella and Ally-04-09-Ella is 6 months old now as you probably know and weighs 55 lbs. We just got her sprayed and she has recovered very well from that. I think that over the past couple of weeks I have really seen her make a transition from a puppy that I take care of to a real companion who can enjoy life with us. My dad just came down to visit Matt and I, he could not get over how much a sweetie she is. I got sick last week and Ella would not move from outside my berdroom door,literally watching to make sure I was okay. We are so happy with her and could not image life without her. We just bought a house in Cary and are going to be moving there at the beginning of May, Ella will have a huge backyard with a creek that runs through it and we will be walking distence from a public dog park. I have attached a picture that is a few weeks old so you can see how gorgeous she is. I think she has Duke's face ans Ana's sweet eyes. Happy belated Easter!


Bailey-Taylor Honeycutt-Raleigh,N.C.-We got home safe with no problems. She was just as sweet as she could be. Didn't even cry on the ride  home or the night after. Her name is Bailey and she is growing like a weed! She has an appointment Monday for her next shot. We are working on house/potty training and she is doing very well with it,especially the pooping part. She's very smart and extremely outgoing. Thank you again for such an adorable puppy!

Bailey-Content with her new home.


Carolina/Duke pup-Our logo picture.


Millie-Eva Desai, Raleigh, N.C.-Millie in search and rescue class. She was a natural and was great at picking up scents in the woods. Millie is an excellent companion-she is very trainable and earger to please, which goes along perfectly with her labrador personality.  Her temperment is impeccable and she is fantastic with younger children and other dogs. 

Millie backs the pack!-8 months.


Millie all ready for Christmas!


JJ-1 Year and 5 Months Old,6-06.


JJ and Ellie-Lounging around the pool-Spring 2006.


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