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Ellie and Harley-the Vaughn family-Fairfax  Station,Va./Corolla,N.C.-Just wanted to let  you know Harley is doing well. Ellie loves him and is always trying to get him to play. He had his first bath today,since he  and Ellie are in the woods getting into anything that is dirty. He's passed out cold from all the excitement of having a bath-nothing better than a sleeping puppy.

Ellie-Out running a Nor'Easter, Thanksgiving 2006.


Sniper-Tou Ber and Paula Yang-Conover, N.C.-We purchased one of Sunshine and Max's pups and just wanted to send you some pictures of Sniper. He is 3 months old right now and has grown up to be such a smart, handsome, and loving puppy. He is a joy to have around the house. You can say he is now our arlam clock because he will wake us up promptly by 8am if we are still sleeping. Also, we were amazed at his ability to inform us it was time to use the bathroom. He is our 5th dog we have had and the first we had that did not require months long potty training! In fact, we hardly had to do any potty training at all with Sniper. We took him to the vet for more shots a couple of days ago and our vet was just amazed at how much he grew in just 1 1/2 months. He went from 11lbs to 36lbs! We also took him to his soon-to-be hunting trainer and he too was amazed at Sniper's looks, size, and intelligence and said he was going to be an excellent hunting companion-so we are definitely looking forward to seeing his potential when the time comes. Hope you enjoy the pictures and feel free to post them on your website if you would like. Also, if you ever need  a reference, don't hesitate to ask, we will be more than happy to inform them of what a blessing Sniper has been to us. Thank you for breeding such wonderful, smart, and loving labs! Thanks again.


Sniper-Getting prepared for his duck hunting training.


Sniper, 8 months-Sniper's basic obedience was comple4ted in about 2.5 weeks which was relatively fast according to the trainer. The trainer is overall pleased with his progress and has estimated him to finish with training in 2 months. We cannot thank you enough for breeding such wonderful and amazing labs. We are so proud of Sniper and will be sure to refer you to anyone looking for quality labs. We will definety come back perhaps for another lab pup.


Grit-Debbie and Skeeter Reelitz-Chester, Va.-Hey Tim, wanted to give you an update on Grit.He is very happy with his new home. He is smart and a sweetheart. We really love him. Thanks for a great puppy! LadyBird and Duke of Bayou are Grit's parents.



Ramses-Michelle and Tim Virgilio,Creedmoor,N.C.-We wanted to send you quick note to let you know that Ramses has adjusted well to his new home. He and his big sis,Jessie,absolutely love playing together. Ramses has been a great addition to our family in the short time that we have had him.  Michelle and I want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for sending this precious gift to us. May God continue to bless you and your wonderful dogs. And may you continue to bring joy and happiness to others.


Ramses-We hope this email finds you and all your dogs in good health. Well,we've had Ramses for two months now and he is doing well. He and his big sister,Jessie, simply love each other. They play all the time and spend all their waking time together. He is extremely smart and has done well with the house training,although we do still have the occasional accident. Everyone comments about two things,1. How big he is and 2. How handsome he is. At 14 weeks  he weighed 32 lbs. and at 15 weeks he weighed 37 lbs. He eats well,plays hard,and sleeps hard. He has been a wonderful addition to our family. Michelle and I can't thank you enough for such a wonderful dog. He has a great disposition and does extremely well with other dogs,people,and new places. Attached are photos of him at 15 weeks of age. As you can see he is developing into a beautiful labrador. All our best.

Ramses-15 weeks old-04-09.



Sadie-The Tomlin Family,Chapel Hill,N.C.-We wanted to let you know how much we are enjoying Sadie. She fits right into the family and is a bundle of engery. The boys love their new playmate. Thanks for everything.


Jake Bear-Malone Morris,Thomson,Ga.-I purchased my lab from you around Christmas. Attached are a couple of pics. He's a lot bigger now than in the pictures. Anyway,he's been a joy to have around. Jake Bear is a great swimmer and soccer player and can make you laugh when your day is going horrible. Thanks so much!

Jake Bear


Rory-Peggy and Bill Masterson-Fort Mill, S.C.-Tim, meet Rory Mulligan Masterson, Mia and Max pup. He is about 90lbs now and just as sweet as he can be! We love him so much and wanted to share his B-Day picture with you! Thanks.


Charlie-Crystal Maines-Harrington, Del.-I bought a male pup from you a little over a year ago out of Sunshine and Max's litter. Just wanted to email you and let you know that he has grown into a fabulous dog. I couldn't have asked for a better lab. He is everything a labrador retriever should be and more. I get so many compliments about how gorgeous he is, how well mannered, and great he is. I am sending along some pictures of him as well. I think he is a spitting image of Max. We ended up naming him Maines' Charlie's Chocolate Factory. He is a whooping 98lbs and not a bit of fat at all. He is pure muscle, loves to run and play. He is a fabulous swimmer and will dive to the bottom of our pool for a toy. There isn't a thing that Charlie will not try to do. Hactually saved me a couple of months ago. We were walking along a trail and a loose came and began to attack me and with Charlie there the dog turned off me and bit him. Charlie kept the dog away from me until I could get hepl. I must say that I think I have the best lab in the world. He and my other lab are inseperable-whereever one is you are sure to find the other. Charlie has grown into a great dog-thank you for that. I am going to be in N.C. at the beginning of August and was curious as to if you hav any litters that were  not out of or related to Sunshine and Max that would be ready to go at that time? We love Charlie's bloodlines and your breeding system so much that we are thinking of buying a female from you. Thank you.


Maines'Charlie's Chocolate Factory.


Luke-Martha and Ray Goyet-Va. Beach, Va.-Luke is so handsome and such a good boy! We have to say we feel strongly that we have never seen a more handsome lab than Luke. Thank you! He is so smart and well mannered.


Luke at 5 months-He is such a good boy! Lots of energy and oh so smart! He can have a pile of toys and pick out the ones we ask him to find-aka bunny, kitty, bone, stick, ball, rope-he knows them all. Such a joy in our lives! Thank you!


Luke and Ray-Just wanted to send you some pictures of Luke at one year old. He is the best dog we have ever had-so smart and loveable! We did not get him with any intentions of breeding him, but have thought about it, as we would love to pass on his great qualities. P.S. I saw Debbie Hannah's pup "Eddie" and he is doing great.


Luke-1 year old.


JoeJoeXVI-Mike Holmes, Chesterfield, Va.


Scout-Josh Starnes-Richmond, Va.-Here are some pictures of Scout. He has been a joy and an incredibly smart and beautiful dog. We cannot thank you enough. We have recommended your kennels to all who see him as to where we adopted him.


Scout enjoying the snow!


Scout-Dixie and Thunder's son-born 05/17/2016.

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