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Fester-Sara/Jack-Southern Shores,N.C.-Fester is the most handsome boy you'd lay eyes on! He is a great dog and very lovable. He loves to cuddle and play on the beach with his buddy Roxy the great  dane. He gets to see his sister Coffee all the time. She just lives up the road. She's a great dog,very smart and obedient. Thanks again for our great  dogs.

Coffee and Fester-Midnight and Duke's daughter and son-Southern Shores,N.C.


Fester with his little buddy,Roxy.


Fester-10 Weeks Old-4-06.


Fester-This is Jack and Sara Baumer. We bought a puppy from you 3 years ago! Fester....he was born Feburary 1,2006, along with his sister Coffee that Jack's parents bought at the same time from the same litter. We saw a dog that resembled Fester that was 10 months old and we heard them talk about the grandfather Bear...and they looked just like your dogs! So it reminded us to send some updated pics of Fester. He's 3 now and still a wonderful dog! Everyone always complement on how handsome he is. Fester listens real well and most definetely is a great retreiver!! Thanks again!

Fester-A spitting image of his papa,Bear.


Fester and his friends.



Louie-Nicole Gallagher-Manteo,N.C.

Wanted to let you know Louie is doing well and has adapted easily to his new surroundings. He went to the vet today,he weighs 27 pounds and was well behaved. He has had several play dates with other labs(one across the street now thinks this is his 2nd home)  and he is adjusting well to our 2 small yorkies. Louie has the best disposition and keeps us laughing. Thank you so much for such a great dog.


Buxton-aka-"THE BUDDHA"-Collette,Mitch,and Dan Freeland-Greensboro,N.C.-We wanted to share some pictures of Buxton from Carolina and Duke's  1st litter. He is our 4th lab through the years and by far the calmest....and he is oh so sweet. We've nicknamed him the baby buddha because he had such a round belly as a little one. Thanks for such a wonderful puppy!

Buxton-aka-"THE BUDDHA" and Mitch.


Buxton at his calmest.



DJ-Alex,Whitney,Rick Heyward-Suffolk,Va.-Hi tTm! I hope all is well with you. Checked out your website and it looks like you have your hands full with all the beautiful puppies. Sorry we have not updated you on DJ sooner,all has been hectic here. We found out the day after DJ came home that we are expecting baby #2,so life is definitely full. DJ is wonderful-he is very loving,sweet,and gentle with Alex,but give him a soccer ball and watch out! He's a mad-man! He looks and acts so very much like his dad,Bear,that it is unreal. He has been perfectly healthy since we brought him home and now weighs a little over 40 pounds at 5 months. We can't believe how well behaved he is most of the time. Now,don't get me wrong-he has his daily spells of puppy madness,but we love him for those too. Just thought I would include a couple of phpts of him playing soccer,the aftermath of his digging in the mud,and a pic of he and Alex. they truly are best friends-it's amazing what trouble the two of them can get into when left alone for even a minute. I swear they can talk to each other and say "hey you wanna do x or y even though mom's gonna be sooo mad?! Anyway take care and thanks for giving us a great dog!

Alex and DJ-1st meeting in Jarvisburg.


Alex and DJ-Dress up time!


DJ-Soccer anyone? I'm looking for you Frisco!


DJ-What lab can resist a mud puddle? Another Bear look alike!


Quoddy Star and Virginia Dare-Midnight and Duke's daughters-Thomas Amos and Julie Suojaren-New York,N.Y.-8 Weeks Old. 11-06.


Quoddy and Virginia-Wake up girls!


Quoddy and Ginny-Julie Suojanen and Thomas Amos-New York,N.y.-We got Quoddy and Ginny(born Sept.'06) from you back in 06. We brought them home at nine weeks to New York City. The "girls" have been wonderful! We were fortunate to live a block away from Riverside Park(along the Hudson River) and very,very close to a large fenced doggy  play area. As a result they had lots of exercise and fun and became very socialized to other dogs and people. Now we live in Westchester County and have a big fenced-in yard they can safely romp in 'round the clock. Quoddy and Ginny are really happy together and ridiculously cute. Here are some pics of them walking on the Upper West Side of Manhattan in May '07,where we first lived with them. They've now filled out and look great. Happy New Year.

Ginny,Thomas,and Quoddy-Walking on the Upper West Side of Manhattan,May '07.



Bodie-Holly and Mike Harrington-Kill Devil Hills N.C.-We just wanted to send you a quick note and let you know that Bodie is doing great in his new home. You can see by the attached picture that he dosen't seem too stressed out. He is a  true outer banks pup! Thanks again and we will keep you informed with more pics.

Zoey-Ana and Bear's daughter-Kathryn Kearns-Suffolk,Va.-6 Weeks Old-Look at those gorgeous blue eyes! 12-06.


Zoey-9 Weeks Old-What a Retreiver!


Zoey-9 Weeks Old-1-07.


Carolina and Duke's pups playing out back,12-07.



Charley-Maranda and Patrick Maxey,Zionville,N.C.-We are so excited! Thanks for everything. You keep the website updated so well,we have loved watching them all grow through the pics. Charley is doing wonderful! The drive home was a success...she didn't get sick at all...she mostly slept the entire time. She is housebreaking accidents yet. Her little personality is unfolding more each day and we couldn't be happier. Chew and Charley are snuggling buddies already. Thanks again for your hospitality this weekend. We truely enjoyed our time with your family. Charley-10.5 weeks old-01-09-2008.

Charley-10.5 weeks old-looking for another snow drift. Carolina and Duke's pup.1-09-08



Charley and Chewbacca-Little Charley darling is doing great! She is full of life and loves Chewbacca. She has experienced three snows and loves to dive into a snow drift. She is doing great potty training,can sit,retrieve and drop the ball,and can shake 2 out of 5 times...haha....she would rather kiss you than shake your hand. She and Chewey seem to always be carrying a stick or ball around...and they are always side by side. Charley has been a joy to have and has made such a great addition to our family. And did I mention how much she LOVES Chewbacca? Hope you and your dogs are doing great! Enjoy the pics! Maranda

Chewbacca and Charley-Enjoying a snow day.1-09-08.


Barney with his mother,Carolina-10 weeks old,1-06-08.


Pups-Ana and Bear's 4th litter-2 Weeks Old-More gorgeous blue eyes! 11-06.


Bear socializing with his and Ana's son,DJ, A spitting image of his father! 12-06.


Brandy-1.5 yrs old.


Sunshine socializing with Ana and Bear's 4th litter.12-06.


Ana feeding her and Bear's pups.12-06.


Duke socializing with a male pup.12-06.


Mia-7 Weeks Old-1st day at her new home.2-07.


Bear,his and Ana's daughter,Midnight,and Duke.


Duke,2 Years Old and Bear,4 Years,3 Months Old. Our stud dogs.12-06.


Brandy socializing with DJ, Ana and Bear's son.


Sunshine and Brandy-8 Months Old. 1-07.


Ana and Bear's 4th litter,3 Weeks Old.12-06.


Ana and Bear pup,3 Weeks Old.12-06.


Two male pups socializing.


More Ana and Bear pups.


Midnight socializing with DJ.1-07.


Ana socializing with one of her and Bear's pups out back on a warm Jan. day.1-07.


Midnight,Carolina,and Brandy.1-07.


Ana-4 Years,2 Months Old.1-07.


Midnight ,3 Years Old,and Duke,2 Years Old-Tug-A-War.12-06.



Bella-Linda and Frank Klaczik,Va. Beach,Va.-Just wanted to let you know the puppy is doing great! We have named her Bella. There hasn't been anyone that has met her that didn't love her. Thanks again.

Bella-Carolina and Duke's pup-2nd litter,born 10-28-07. 12-12-07.


Bella-Definetly seems to be content and happy with her new home. 12-12-07.


Bella-6.5 weeks old-12-12-07.


Bella-She is extremely energentic,but caught her resting,so couldn't resist taking a pic of her. Bella has jumped up to 15 lbs at 9.5 weeks old.


Bella-Klaczik family-Va.Beach,Va.-Just wanted to say hello and let you know that Bella is doing great! At 4 months she is up to 45 lbs and still growing quickly. Full of energy and love is an understatement. Congratualtions on the next litter and it will be some large pups as Bear is the father. Thanks again for the added joy to our family.


Bella-04-28-08. 4 months old.


Bella playing with her next door neighbor.


Bella-10 Months Old,08-2008.


Harley-Bella's younger sister,8 Weeks Old,08-08.


Harley-8 Weeks Old.


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