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Ellie-Laura,Mike,Rebecca,Chris,Kathryn,& Hannah Vaughn-
Fairfax Station,Va./Corolla,N.C.
We've known Tim for almost 12 years. This is someone who loves his dogs and its evident in all of their personalites and lovable nature. Our Ellie came from Ana and Bear's third litter. She is a bundle of energy which fits right in with our family of six. All four of my kids have fallen in love with her and she has even won my husband over who is far from being a "dog lover". She has a BIG personally and the smarts to go with it. Her tail never stops wagging and she has such tolerance of the kids and their constant hugs and kisses. We spend many weeks at the beach throughout the year and there is no wave too big for Ellie to jump if it means retrieving a tennis ball or any other floatable toy! She plays well with other dogs and has quite a few "best friends". Ellie has been a wonderful addition to our family.


Zoey-with Christina-When we met Zoey's parents Bear and Ana and seeing their energy,physical abilities and a natural happiness ,we knew we wanted a female from their liter. Its obvious Tim breeds wonderful blood lines and nutures them well,but what's more important you can tell he puts his heart into his animals and wants more than anything to find his puppies wonderful homes. Well Tim you can be assured Zoey loves every second of her life with our family. She's now a little over 2 yrs old and is a ball of energy. She is constantly happy,loves to boat and swim,is very affectionate with everbody,including other dogs. We could not of asked for a better chocolate lab to share our life and the lives of our other 2 black labs,Clyde 14 yrs old and Smokey 8 yrs old and cat Carlie.


JJ-Jane,John,Emily,Kara,Colin Stone-Fairfax Station,Va./Corova,N.C.
We met Tim through the Vaughn family.When you meet him and see him with his dogs,you can really tell how much he loves them and how well cared for they are. JJ is Ellie's sister and they get to see each other almost every day. It has been amazing watching them grow up together. We absolutely love JJ.  She has the most beautiful coat and looks like a thoroughbred horse when she runs. And she can run! She is the smartest dog we have ever owned and is wonderful with our three children. She is truely a member of our family. We couldn't have asked for a better dog. thanks,Tim!  


Luke-Dale and Leon Nester-Kill Devil Hills,N.C.
We met Tim and his family in June 2004. At that time Bear and Ana had their second litter of puppies. Bear came up to greet us and he was so gentle and loving,and Ana was so sweet,we fell in love with both dogs along with our big headed Luke. Tim is a wonderful breeder-he truely loves each dog and wants to find the best home for each one. That day in June we not only found a wonderful dog,Luke,but also a wonderful friendship with Tim and his whole family.

Luke-Hard at Work-What a Work Ethic!


Sasha-Jeff and Cindy-Chesapeake,Va.
We love our baby. We named her Sasha-her full name is Princess Sasha Brianne. She is so sweet and so beautiful. She gets along great with our other chocolate. She jumps all over him,bites him,sleeps on him,tries to chase him-he body slammed her the other day when they were playing-she just got up and wanted more. She makes us laugh and laugh. We wouldn't trade her for a million bucks.


Troy-Nick Macdonald,Kill Devil Hills,N.C.
Troy has the most unique personality of any dog,very loveable,good around people of all ages,and a wonderful companion . 

JJ and Ellie-Two lovely ladies enjoying a day at the beach.


Ellie-A true retreiver!


Cahill-Sandy and Buddy Gilbert-Va. Beach,Va.-We wanted to let you know Cahill is doing great. He's a real sweetie and is feeling comfortable and loved in his new home.

Cahill is a Mia and Max pup.He is 10.5 months old now. We love him alot and he is very happy living in Va.Beach.


Cahill is one year old now and we thought we would send you a funny Christmas picture of him. He is a delight and we love him dearly.


 Cahill and Buddy enjoying the Chesapeake Bay-Cahill is 2.5 years old now and loving the bay. My neighbor bought one of your pups recently. They named her Reagan and she is gorgeous. They had seen Cahill as he has been growing up and loved his disposition. They are so excited to get one of your pups. I have another neighbor who has contacted you and hopes for a puppy around November.


Cahill retrieving on the Chesapeake Bay-07/2015.


Luke-Waiting on his tennis ball retreiving machine to shoot a ball.


Staley-The Balkus Family-Raleigh,N.C.-Hi Tim-Have been meaning to send you pictures of the pup we bought from you last June 5th. His name is Staley and as you can see he is spoiled rotten. He is the most amazing dog ever. He has completed our family in a way no other dog could. As a long time dog owner I can say that he is the "SPECIAL" one we will love forever.Thanks so much for breeding such amazing dogs. Our life has been truly enhanced beyond belief. 

Staley-4 months old.


Staley-1 year old.


Ellie-Doing what all labs love to do-retreiving and water.


Rufus-Leigh and Ryan-Duck,N.C.-Hi Tim-Our boy Rufus turned two about a month ago and he brings us so much Joy everyday! Here are some picturs of him surfing and one kayaking. We are getting married next week and I was going through these pictures and thought of you... Enjoy these for now and have a great day!


Ryan and Rufus-more surfing! GO DOG!


Ryan and Rufus-A True Waterman and Waterdog.


Clay and Frisco-Hatteras Beach-7-07.


Jager-On vacation-Hatteras Beach-6-07.


Frisco-Chilling on the beach-Hatteras-7-07.



Jager-Tracey and Bobby Shreeves-Elizabeth City,N.C.-Jager is doing fine and growing like a weed. We absolutely adore him. He has a great personality and is very smart and playful. He has adjusted very well to his new home. Jager had his first beach trip on Saturaday. At his 9 week check-up he was 18.5 pounds.

Jager and Bob-Enjoying the beach-Hatteras-6-07.


Logan-Kris Gruzeski-Southern Pines, N.C.-We got one of your pups 3 years ago, she is our life. I have given people your website. Our girl Logan is a Brandy and Max pup. Thought I would send a couple of pictures you can share. Thank you. 


Logan-Doing what all labs love-in the water and retrieving.


Arrow-Stacy Dominguez-Denver, Col.-I just wanted to give you an update on Arrow(formerly Kia). after his long trip to Denver, he got out of the crate ready to go! We are so happy with him. He is very smart and he is learning quickly, growing quickly too. He loves the snow! He loves his backyard, going to the park and our other chocolate lab Nina. He is just beautiful and as happy as can be! He is a little rough though, he thinks he is a tough guy. I have attached some photos of the baby. Thanks again! We love him!.


Tango-Holly and George Weis-Hubert, N.C.-George and I wanted to give you an updarte on Tango, Brandy and Max pup. He just completed his Junior hunt test. We had him trained with Richard Reese in Hubert, N.C. Tango is an amazing dog. 


Ali,Hope,Harley,Chris,Jordan,Mia,and Emily-Visiting us in Jarvisburg-8-07.


Zoey-Kathy Kearns and Marcos Freeman,Suffolk,Va.-3 days shy of her 1 year birthday. 11-11-07.


Zoey-Ana and Bear's daughter.11-11-07.


Zoey-1 year old. 11-11-07.


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